Problem making contact?

Sorry, but the misfits are at play again…. I recovered from a major server attack a few months ago, and now it seems someone had hacked my ‘easy contact’ page – so no one can contact through it.    Are they really THAT hard up for work?

Perhaps if they focussed on looking after their customers rather than attacking me….
Ok, so I will fix it, but I’m working on a new project, and the result will be worth the wait.
Meanwhile, message me here, or email me at – I promise a quick reply!
Apologies to those who have been frustrated by the malfunction, I’ll have it sorted soon.
And I nearly forgot… I wish you all a very very Jolly Christmas, and a Happy & Prosperous 2014!

Hedley Paul

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Renewal of Vows at Port es Torrent!

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of hosting a Renewal of Vows ceremony for Carl and Leanne on the edge of the beach at Port es Torrent. They had been here before, loved Ibiza, and 10 years after they met, two beautiful children later, plus the conclusion of a house renovation, they felt their jigsaw was completing.  Hence a big celebration to say I LOVE YOU!

Joined by close family for a joint holiday at Sirenis Seaview Country Club they enjoyed with big smiles and an odd tear a very personal ceremony. New rings to endorse the commitment blessed by all present completed the event, which raised applause and cheers from enthusiastic spectators.

A lovely family… I wish them every happiness!ImageImage

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Sophie’s BIG surprise – an Ibiza Wedding!

Over three years ago, a lovely couple Chris and Sophie came to see me with a view of fulfilling a dream of an Ibiza wedding. Various venues were discussed, together with logistics and costs. After a while the email conversations dried up, as concerns and  explanations came that some elderly family would find the journey very arduous, and that maybe a wedding in England would be best.. C’est la vie I thought and wished them well.

In April this year I received out of the blue, an email from Chris – they were at last getting married at the end of July in England, with their honeymoon on their beloved Ibiza…… but Chris wanted to fulfil Sophie’s dream of a wedding on the Magic White Island.  It was to be a total surprise – his wedding gift to his beloved Sophie.

How could I resist? What a wonderfully romantic idea. So, over the months we planned and plotted….. well mostly Chris did, organising for both sets of parents, plus bridesmaids and Chris’s son to be here on Ibiza in secret for the surprise.

On Sunday evening, a car collected them from their hotel for a guided tour around the island, and to witness the wonderful Ibiza sunset. They pulled into a parking spot, jumped out of the car to find… the family!  Oh my goodness – what are you doing here??? Oh, just some Ibiza photos of the wedding group for your album! Eva Kuiper from Ana Lui Studios clicked away, smiling, recording the surprise…..

A short walk to get best view of the Sun setting – with sea and Es Vedra in the background, round a bush and…… SURPRISE!  There am I, together with my lovely Eileen, Ibiza’s ‘Queen of Cakes’ and top wedding cake supplier ( We have a blessing ceremony prepared, cava already chilled, and beautiful cup cakes…..

Sophie’s legs went quite wobbly at all this – should she laugh or cry…?  Well… both in fact.  A very personal sunset blessing ceremony, followed by cava to toast the happy occasion…. to the applause and congratulations of dozens of spectators who had only come to see the sunset!

Well, dreams DO come true… I suppose that’s another reason why it’s the ‘Magic White Island’

Thank you Chris and Sophie for allowing me to join in such a wonderful evening.  Love and blessings to you both.


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Hedley Paul – The English Blesser on Ibiza

It seems I have a new title or description – someone called this morning and asked if I was “…the English Blesser on Ibiza…?”

It took me a moment to realise that I am indeed a ‘Blesser’ in addition to being Wedding Celebrant, Wedding Ceremony Host, Master of Ceremonies… and a few other names.

I am not a priest of any of the common faiths, and don’t pretend to be, although I do have strong belief in a Supreme Presence.

English…. Yes – definitely that, although I suppose my Cornish ancestry is certainly more strongly established.  On Ibiza – yes too.

So, I suddenly find myself to be on of that rare species – an English Blesser on Ibiza!

To see what an English Blesser actually does, have a look around the main site, and for latest pics and comments, see my Facebook page  And so….. to conclude….

May the blessings of the cosmos be upon you all.

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……the most beautiful personal ceremony ever…..

Hedley Paul hosts a Renewal of Vows ceremony for G & S

Hedley Paul hosts a Renewal of Vows ceremony for G & S

Renewal Of Vows
S and G have been married for 39 years and live in Ely, Cambridgeshire……..  Last Wed, 5th June, would have been the birthday of their youngest daughter who tragically died 8 years ago in a tragic accident aged 15.  They chose this date to celebrate and bless their lives together and were joined by family and friends on the beach in Cala Llonga where Hedley Paul conducted a very moving, and emotional service.

The Ibiza Sun received the following;
S & G would like to thank all their family and friends for making their day so special, especially to Hedley Paul for the most beautiful personal ceremony ever; to Alan for the most wonderful treasured photos, to Eileen for the special cakes, Michele, Ian, Jo and all the staff at The Terrace for the fabulous meal and service and to the amazing Barbara and her Steel Band for the most unique musical party.
The memories of that day will live with us forever. Thank you x x x x x

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A big ‘Thank you’!

It’s nice to be appreciated, and when it happens, you feel (well I always feel) GOOD!  Sort of warm inside….

So, when I received the following from R and C who I had the privilege of marrying at Amante Beach Club recently,  I felt extra good!

R and I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony @Amante. We loved every minute of it, you made it so personal and meaningful! It was, by far, the most beautiful day of both our lives! A big thank you to you and Eileen.  You made our day, your blessing was a blessing for sure. Thanks so much, it will be with us forever! xx R&C (pic by eva @ Ana Lui Photography)


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Hello again! A clean bill of health once more!

Well, after over a week of my site being hacked every day, I’ve moved it to a safer host server (fingers crossed!) and trust that I see the end of the notices from Google telling everyone the site is infected! Thank you to everyone who helped. especially Go Daddy hosting for fantastic customer support. I have a little tidying and updating to do on the site, but will be on to that in the next few days. So…. for more news about Ibiza’s top wedding celebrant…. follow me on Facebook for news of the best wedding blessings!

Hedley Paul – the Ibiza celebrant you can trust with your special Ibiza blessings!

For those times that are definitely NOT a rehearsal!

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Hello world!

Hello, and welcome to Ibiza.  This is the blog for my web site:

Big moments in our lives are normally marked by some form of ceremony, ritual or celebration.
Not everyone feels at ease with the task of speaking in public, while finding the right words to catch the mood of the moment can also be difficult.
Remembering all the customs and protocols can be stressful too.
Consequently, such occasions often feature a leader, an Officiant or Celebrant to act as Host or Master of Ceremonies.

I can provide that service, which will enhance the occasion and allows you to absorb and enjoy the moment.

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