About me…

Hello from the Magic White Island of Ibiza.

I was privileged to enjoy my childhood in sunny Cornwall, so sun, sea, sand and fresh air have     always   been a delightful platform for  life.

I am….  a father, a teacher, an engineer, a manager, a mentor, a foodie, a sun & sea lover.

I love and am loved, I have my health and freedom to enjoy the warmth of the Sun.  What more could a man wish for?

Having spent most of my adult life teaching and lecturing adults across what now seems an amazing spectrum of subjects, I now find myself in a sort of retirement,  and indulging a lifetime interest in astrology, writing blogs for various publications, and by popular demand, acting as celebrant for all sorts of occasions and events. I live and work in both Ibiza and London, and am happy to meet you in either location.

The love of my life is Eileen, who is ‘ibizaeileen’ of ibizacakes.com.   We have both been blessed with various gifts;  together we enjoy creating joyous lifetime memories for others with our efforts.

I applaud and admire the richness of individuality, and for the vital need for individuals to be treated as such.   I find abhorrent the contemporary  ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

My mission in life, a hang-over from teaching I suppose, is to provide answers and solutions that allow human beings to reach their full growth potential.

I believe in the unity of the cosmos, where everything is related, and connected to everything else both physically and spiritually….  to infinity.  I do not ask that you share my beliefs, but I do hope you believe in something.

On Ibiza, many public gardens and facilities carry a request sign, the one word message in several languages……


That encapsulates my ethos.


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