Hedley Paul’s tips for a stress free wedding!

Weddings are regarded as one of the most stressful events of a lifetime, and for some couples it really is.

The stress is born of uncertainly; uncertainty about precisely what is happening, the uncertainty of not feeling in control, the uncertainty of travelling into the unknown.

Many parts of a wedding day may be adaptable or adjustable as they progress – food, drinks, music etc.  However, the very focal point of the day –  the ceremony – has everyone watching attentively while the nervous couple have no opportunity to correct anything that is not happening as they wished.   It has to be right first time; this is  most certainly not a rehearsal and not a time for surprises!

Choosing the suppliers which best fit your needs and wishes is a minefield – made less easy if you are not local, for example wedding ‘forums’ where recommendations come from friends and acquaintances. Choosing a wedding planner/manager is even more hazardous, as some act as gatekeepers and recommend only those suppliers who will pay them 10% ‘commission/introduction’ – in addition to the fee they charge the couple.  That said, good wedding planners are worth their weight in gold, making your whole wedding experience smooth, seamless and stress free.

Wise couples look out for testimonials and recommendations from past clients. Similar in a way to shopping on Amazon.

Experienced suppliers, having been around for years will know just who can be relied upon – they have to work with them, so gaining a broad opinion from the wedding ‘industry’ itself is reassuring and reduces stress.

Sooooo………..  Although this blog is primarily about the CEREMONY the 10 points below should apply to all aspects of your wedding.

  • Specialist and professional, not a ‘jack of all trades’?
  • Established, with plenty of testimonials?
  • Reliable – prompt reply to emails etc?
  • They have a web site which ‘sets out their stall’?
  • Clear pricing – WYSIWYG – no hidden extras?
  • They inspire you with confidence?
  • Willing to meet and discuss with you and be there on the day?
  • Recognise your concerns and provide clear answers?
  • Remember that ‘price is what you pay, but value is what you get’!
  • Remember that the best become booked early!


Paul, I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for today. We had a wonderful time in the most beautiful location and your words made it perfect. Such a wonderful speaker and your words were loving and calming. You made all our family feel involved and special today. I will have some beautiful memories of today and wonderful photographs to keep the memories alive.
Thank you for all your patience with me and for the beautiful Cava, it was very thoughtful.  
Best wishes, 
L and N  July 2018
Firstly, please can I just say thank you again for the ceremony, keeping my nerves at bay on the day and on the Friday before at the venue when I felt like giving up and going home because of the lack of communication with the venue!
Secondly, I have been in contact with you for nearly two years and you have been attentive, patient and totally understanding of my needs and nerves (as a bride is, planning her wedding abroad) You have made this element of planning my special day so easy, and stress free – like it should be!
Finally, it was so nice to be able to put a face to copious amounts of emails that have been sent back and forth between us since I first got in touch way back in 2016! Everyone commented on the lovely service which was the start to such a perfect celebration.
You contributed to helping turn my dreams into reality on one of the most memorable days of our lives, so thank you again.
Best Wishes, R&C June 2018
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