A long engagement….

I really love the ceremonies I host, and couples are always pleased to see me…. which is nice!

Wedding ceremonies on Ibiza are emotional and fun occasions, and this one was extra-super.  On the last day of July, Paul and Claire married after an engagement of 21 years, which they asked ‘is it the longest ever’. They chose what is  the most spiritual and romantic spot on the Magic White Island of Ibiza, whic in fact is the clifftop overlooking Es Vedra.

Clearly, oh so clearly they loved each other to bits; the way they looked into each other’s eyes, and the tenderness of the butterfly kisses….  Gave me a lump in my throat.

Their two beautiful girls were bridesmaids, although they were very much Daddy’s girls too, and they had a reading, prepared together for Mummy and Daddy.

Paul and Claire had private words of commitment to each other before they said their formal vows and exchanged wedding rings.  They symbolically cemented the marriage with the Sand of Eternal Unity ritual – a handful each of Ibiza sand poured together into a bottle. The two becoming one.

Cava and cakes polished off the wonderful evening, which although not as sunny as some recently did nothing to dim the sunshine of the occasion.

Tamas Kooning Landsbergen was photographer, and the three below are the first.

So…… what a wonderful evening – thank you so much to Paul and Claire and their beautiful girls, it was a magical evening. Love and blessings always!

Postscript.……  THANK YOU….. for the lovely letter….

Hi Paul
………..and thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony in a magical location – even the weather couldn’t dampen our spirits! The whole ceremony was exactly what we wanted and we will never forget it, you or Tamas.

I have attached the photos Tamas has sent… there have been many surprised people sending messages on Facebook today!
1200 boda claire 2500 pix  TKL_0145-2 1200 TKL_0266 copy 1200 TKL_9910 copy
Thanks again for a perfect, magical evening.
Love & best wishes

Claire Paul & girls xxxx


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