Sophie’s BIG surprise – an Ibiza Wedding!

Over three years ago, a lovely couple Chris and Sophie came to see me with a view of fulfilling a dream of an Ibiza wedding. Various venues were discussed, together with logistics and costs. After a while the email conversations dried up, as concerns and  explanations came that some elderly family would find the journey very arduous, and that maybe a wedding in England would be best.. C’est la vie I thought and wished them well.

In April this year I received out of the blue, an email from Chris – they were at last getting married at the end of July in England, with their honeymoon on their beloved Ibiza…… but Chris wanted to fulfil Sophie’s dream of a wedding on the Magic White Island.  It was to be a total surprise – his wedding gift to his beloved Sophie.

How could I resist? What a wonderfully romantic idea. So, over the months we planned and plotted….. well mostly Chris did, organising for both sets of parents, plus bridesmaids and Chris’s son to be here on Ibiza in secret for the surprise.

On Sunday evening, a car collected them from their hotel for a guided tour around the island, and to witness the wonderful Ibiza sunset. They pulled into a parking spot, jumped out of the car to find… the family!  Oh my goodness – what are you doing here??? Oh, just some Ibiza photos of the wedding group for your album! Eva Kuiper from Ana Lui Studios clicked away, smiling, recording the surprise…..

A short walk to get best view of the Sun setting – with sea and Es Vedra in the background, round a bush and…… SURPRISE!  There am I, together with my lovely Eileen, Ibiza’s ‘Queen of Cakes’ and top wedding cake supplier ( We have a blessing ceremony prepared, cava already chilled, and beautiful cup cakes…..

Sophie’s legs went quite wobbly at all this – should she laugh or cry…?  Well… both in fact.  A very personal sunset blessing ceremony, followed by cava to toast the happy occasion…. to the applause and congratulations of dozens of spectators who had only come to see the sunset!

Well, dreams DO come true… I suppose that’s another reason why it’s the ‘Magic White Island’

Thank you Chris and Sophie for allowing me to join in such a wonderful evening.  Love and blessings to you both.


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