Hedley Paul – The English Blesser on Ibiza

It seems I have a new title or description – someone called this morning and asked if I was “…the English Blesser on Ibiza…?”

It took me a moment to realise that I am indeed a ‘Blesser’ in addition to being Wedding Celebrant, Wedding Ceremony Host, Master of Ceremonies… and a few other names.

I am not a priest of any of the common faiths, and don’t pretend to be, although I do have strong belief in a Supreme Presence.

English…. Yes – definitely that, although I suppose my Cornish ancestry is certainly more strongly established.  On Ibiza – yes too.

So, I suddenly find myself to be on of that rare species – an English Blesser on Ibiza!

To see what an English Blesser actually does, have a look around the main blessings-on-ibiza.com site, and for latest pics and comments, see my Facebook page  And so….. to conclude….

May the blessings of the cosmos be upon you all.

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