Hedley Paul’s tips for a stress free wedding!

Weddings are regarded as one of the most stressful events of a lifetime, and for some couples it really is.

The stress is born of uncertainly; uncertainty about precisely what is happening, the uncertainty of not feeling in control, the uncertainty of travelling into the unknown.

Many parts of a wedding day may be adaptable or adjustable as they progress – food, drinks, music etc.  However, the very focal point of the day –  the ceremony – has everyone watching attentively while the nervous couple have no opportunity to correct anything that is not happening as they wished.   It has to be right first time; this is  most certainly not a rehearsal and not a time for surprises!

Choosing the suppliers which best fit your needs and wishes is a minefield – made less easy if you are not local, for example wedding ‘forums’ where recommendations come from friends and acquaintances. Choosing a wedding planner/manager is even more hazardous, as some act as gatekeepers and recommend only those suppliers who will pay them 10% ‘commission/introduction’ – in addition to the fee they charge the couple.  That said, good wedding planners are worth their weight in gold, making your whole wedding experience smooth, seamless and stress free.

Wise couples look out for testimonials and recommendations from past clients. Similar in a way to shopping on Amazon.

Experienced suppliers, having been around for years will know just who can be relied upon – they have to work with them, so gaining a broad opinion from the wedding ‘industry’ itself is reassuring and reduces stress.

Sooooo………..  Although this blog is primarily about the CEREMONY the 10 points below should apply to all aspects of your wedding.

  • Specialist and professional, not a ‘jack of all trades’?
  • Established, with plenty of testimonials?
  • Reliable – prompt reply to emails etc?
  • They have a web site which ‘sets out their stall’?
  • Clear pricing – WYSIWYG – no hidden extras?
  • They inspire you with confidence?
  • Willing to meet and discuss with you and be there on the day?
  • Recognise your concerns and provide clear answers?
  • Remember that ‘price is what you pay, but value is what you get’!
  • Remember that the best become booked early!


Paul, I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for today. We had a wonderful time in the most beautiful location and your words made it perfect. Such a wonderful speaker and your words were loving and calming. You made all our family feel involved and special today. I will have some beautiful memories of today and wonderful photographs to keep the memories alive.
Thank you for all your patience with me and for the beautiful Cava, it was very thoughtful.  
Best wishes, 
L and N  July 2018
Firstly, please can I just say thank you again for the ceremony, keeping my nerves at bay on the day and on the Friday before at the venue when I felt like giving up and going home because of the lack of communication with the venue!
Secondly, I have been in contact with you for nearly two years and you have been attentive, patient and totally understanding of my needs and nerves (as a bride is, planning her wedding abroad) You have made this element of planning my special day so easy, and stress free – like it should be!
Finally, it was so nice to be able to put a face to copious amounts of emails that have been sent back and forth between us since I first got in touch way back in 2016! Everyone commented on the lovely service which was the start to such a perfect celebration.
You contributed to helping turn my dreams into reality on one of the most memorable days of our lives, so thank you again.
Best Wishes, R&C June 2018
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Making Marriages Memorable on Ibiza – the party island!

A wedding day on ibiza is indeed an amazing occasion. Whether it’s a quiet and personal two-some overlooking the sea and Es Vedra, or…. maybe a ground shaking ‘Wow’ event at a well known top spot for a couple of hundred guests. or more

Having set your compass in the direction of Ibiza, and a venue, there’s the question of the ceremony…. That single crucial component which makes the occasion more than just another Ibiza party; the ceremony is the very focus of the wedding day. It IS the wedding.

The ceremony is a declaration before your family and friends that without reservation:  “I choose THIS ONE”.   It is a reflection and resonance of how you feel about each other.

Just like the Bride’s dress or the wedding cake, your ceremony is a once only; but nevertheless it deserves the very best. None of them are cheap, but this is the day when you stand before the world and put your best foot forward, not second best, but your very best. My wife’s cliche…  “You cannot buy Prada at Primark prices” sums up.

Your ceremony, just like your marriage over the years deserves careful attention. It will be as good as you choose to make it.

Hedley Paul loves to make marriage ceremonies truly memorable, he revels in the happiness he orchestrates. Contact him soon….





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Just ask – then Experience our Experience!

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Experience our Experience!

Sadly I’ve tended to neglect this blog page – simply through being busy with work and life itself.  However with a concentrated effort I’ve got my act together and the new site is now up and running.  Typically it took several efforts because as it progressed I found the need to add pages, change the layout and style.  Most pages have been updated so it may take some time to notice all the changes.

Every picture tells a story of a thousand words…. Enjoy, and Experience our Experience for yourself!

Tanya and Greg Wedding049Tanya and Greg Wedding093EG7A7567DSCN3871Dave&Steph_11IMG_0069Dave&Steph_15Dave&Steph_11DSCN3871Screenshot Studio capture #153

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Ibiza Wedding Blessings – your questions answered!

I thought it would be easier for you if I anticipated many of the regular questions with instant answers, so I created a page of Frequently Asked Questions ‘FAQs’

And a couple of complimentary emails from happy couples…….

Hedley has recently performed a blessing for my wife and I, he has a unique talent of grabbing peoples attention right from the off and making his blessings feel so personal and interesting. I would recommend Hedley to anyone who is looking for a Blesser, he is simply one of a kind! One of the best decisions my wife and I made!!”    Oct 5, 2015 

Hedley has a wonderful warm persona with great people skills . We chose Hedley to host our wedding on Ibiza. Right person, right place, right time – he most definitely was! He made our day so special. He is a dream-maker who wins a place in peoples memories and hearts. Lovely chap, very genuine and softly spoken. All good things.   Sep 11, 2015

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Clap along…. Be Happy with blessings-on-ibiza.com

Weddings are happy occasions with ibizacelebrant Hedley Paul, and he works hard to ensure that his ceremonies are enjoyed by everyone, leaving them with warm smiles on their faces – not just the happy couple, but all the guests too….

Weddings are about families and friends – the people in life you love and have fun with, so why should a wedding be different?  As a Celebration of Love and Commitmen the moment is serious, but everyone should be laughing and smiling, happy for the couple…. so yes, quite definitely, HedleyPaul’s weddings are HAPPY WEDDINGS!


Judge for yourself from just one of the (unedited) kind thank you emails HedleyPaul received this year….

Dear HedleyPaul,

We just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful ceremony you did for us. It was truly amazing and everyone of our family & friends are still talking about it.

Good luck with everything and maybe we will see each other soon!

All the best,

Julie & Nick 🙂


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Another HOT Ibiza wedding at Elixir!

Continue reading

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A long engagement….

I really love the ceremonies I host, and couples are always pleased to see me…. which is nice!

Wedding ceremonies on Ibiza are emotional and fun occasions, and this one was extra-super.  On the last day of July, Paul and Claire married after an engagement of 21 years, which they asked ‘is it the longest ever’. They chose what is  the most spiritual and romantic spot on the Magic White Island of Ibiza, whic in fact is the clifftop overlooking Es Vedra.

Clearly, oh so clearly they loved each other to bits; the way they looked into each other’s eyes, and the tenderness of the butterfly kisses….  Gave me a lump in my throat.

Their two beautiful girls were bridesmaids, although they were very much Daddy’s girls too, and they had a reading, prepared together for Mummy and Daddy.

Paul and Claire had private words of commitment to each other before they said their formal vows and exchanged wedding rings.  They symbolically cemented the marriage with the Sand of Eternal Unity ritual – a handful each of Ibiza sand poured together into a bottle. The two becoming one.

Cava and cakes polished off the wonderful evening, which although not as sunny as some recently did nothing to dim the sunshine of the occasion.

Tamas Kooning Landsbergen was photographer, and the three below are the first.

So…… what a wonderful evening – thank you so much to Paul and Claire and their beautiful girls, it was a magical evening. Love and blessings always!

Postscript.……  THANK YOU….. for the lovely letter….

Hi Paul
………..and thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony in a magical location – even the weather couldn’t dampen our spirits! The whole ceremony was exactly what we wanted and we will never forget it, you or Tamas.

I have attached the photos Tamas has sent… there have been many surprised people sending messages on Facebook today!
1200 boda claire 2500 pix  TKL_0145-2 1200 TKL_0266 copy 1200 TKL_9910 copy
Thanks again for a perfect, magical evening.
Love & best wishes

Claire Paul & girls xxxx


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Christian wedding ceremonies and blessings on Ibiza

I often have to explain the rules for a legal wedding here on Ibiza. One of you must be EITHER  a resident on the island, OR a practicing Roman Catholic.  You can then marry in your local Town Hall, or in a Church on the island, under the control of a local priest.You can simply hire the church and a priest and have a marriage blessing there, but it carries no legal status.

All of which means that if you do not satisfy either of the conditions, you will need to marry in a Registry in your home country – for example the UK – and then hold a wedding ceremony and blessing here on Ibiza, albeit it carries no legal status.

Hedley Paul was raised in a Christian household, attending chapel each week when a child. In later in life he became an active and involved member of his local Anglican church. After years of studying various faiths, he now offers both Spiritual and Christian ceremonies.  Every one of his ceremonies is bespoke and can incorporate as much or as little spiritual (including Christian) or humanist content as the couple wish. He weaves fun and warmth into what is a serious, but not solemn occasion.

Contact Hedley Paul the  top Ibiza celebrant and discuss how a loving and family focused Christian wedding and blessing on Ibiza can be yours.

© Tora Baker Photography || www.torabaker.co.uk || tora@torabaker.co.uk

© Tora Baker Photography || http://www.torabaker.co.uk || tora@torabaker.co.uk

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Hot Ibiza wedding dates – book now!

Blessings-on-ibiza is so popular that clients are already enquiring and booking for weddings in 2016!  Hedley Paul enjoys a wide reputation for creating that very special ceremony which often leaves many in tears of happiness, emotion and delight.  Hedley Paul warmly delivers a world class service on the Magic White  Island of Ibiza.

Many couples are already thinking about 2016 as their wedding year and getting the best dates to  Continue reading

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